DJ Befo Stefan Pangelov

Trance Sound producers 6.6

Biography DJ Befo

Hello, i am from Bulgaria DJ. Producer, Remixer, Dance music styles. I like Dance - Club music in almost all her styles. My favorites and number 1 forever are Eurodance / Italodance, Trance, Happy Rave / Hardcore, Piano House and others. The best music for me was a 90's times. An era of unsurpassed sounds & eternal songs. They remain in my heart and soul forever. Just unforgettable years. I do electronic dance music in new and classic style. My passion on this music is yet from very beginning of the 90's. On first time in year 1993 i began to listen and collect Eurodance style. In year 1994 - 1995 i discover and magic of Trance, Techno, Rave, House and other kinds of EDM. Here are some my tracks and i hope that you'll like and appreciate my sound. Thanks for attention !