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Show business, artists, stars, celebrities

Modern show business in Great Britain – is an interesting and fascinating world that exists in the environment of unusually high competition among its inhabitants – the artists.

The term «artist» is not clearly defined, because this word means painter, expert and master.

The concept of «artist» is used in relation to several categories of people that are different from the rest of their way of thinking, and which chose art as profession.

Artists are called as the representatives of a music industry (singers, musicians, bands, sound producers, DJs, and so on), arts and crafts (architects, sculptors, photographers, painters, etc.), artists-choreographers and dancers, as well as representatives of the film industry (actors, producers, presenters, music videos makers, etc.) and other groups of celebrities. It is in the concept of «celebrity» laid artists’ belonging to the modern show business, because any of them seeks fame and recognition.

In our days it is very difficult to see the border between where the end and the beginning of handicraft labour and creative. Therefore, the concept artist is often credited with some figures of administrative positions – promoters, art directors, PR, etc.

Summing up all the above, we can say that artists in contemporary Great Britain  show business are those people who are using creativity or work on the public impression or inspiring , work for beautiful and encouraging actions and thoughts, they try to achieve worldwide fame and enter into a special caste called «stars». Only those who go hard to the goal, who are true to themselves and to their favourite work, who does not think to copy colleagues worthy to receive worldwide fame.

But not all so simple as it might seem at first sight? After all, to surprise the audience with each passing day it becomes much more difficult. Accustomed to drop all frames, restrictions and complete openness, people almost completely stopped feel something special in any manifestation of contemporary art. That is why, many attempts of celebrities and representatives of different spheres of English show business create know-how are often failured.

Mankind in all ages required a «bread and circuses», and if with «bread» now everything is in order, the spectacle in all its diversity long ago bored people, that today tends to discover something new every day.

This situation is increasingly encourages representatives of an entertainment industry in Russia «plunge into the grave», experiencing the new and new options for creativity. Thus we see many celebrities of a versatile development – as they say – «The artist sings, dance, artist is a poet, the artist draws. He wrote the music to the poems, all capable actor by himself!».

In pursuit for celebrity and recognition, many people are willing to literally do anything to be noticed. In such an active pursuit of a «place under the sun» is always important to remember what brings the artist to the sphere of show business – to create with a broad mind and never deviate from the target. After all, to be true to your path in the life for many people is respected.