About the project

SHOWBIZA.COM – is a prime show business portal. That is the world community of artists, music, movie and fashion. Catalog-rating of all show business participants is a unique one in its kind. It does not have any analogs.

The Site purpose:

- The development, promotion and popularization of all show business spheres:  music industry, club life, movie and fashion – both at the national and at the global (international) level;

- Enabling show business figures from all around the world to expand their capabilities’ limits, to promote their art, to make the necessary acquaintances, to publish information about themselves, to upload your music, photo galleries, videos, to participate in an interactive rating, to create and use advertising companies with perfectly matched target audience;

- Enabling ordinary users and clubbers to be always aware of new products and services, to assess the creativity of artists, to be in show business;

Portal is divided into four culture industries for ease of use: Music, Club culture, Movies and Fashion. Industries are divided into categories:

Music industry: Singers Bands Vocalists Musicians Composers Sound Producers Recording Studios Announcers Radio announcers Songwriters Dancers Show ballets Producers Concert halls Labels Booking agencies Event agencies Dance schools Music schools Radio Music critics Website’s users

Club Industry: Disk jockeys Topless DJ's Electronic projects Singers PJ’s Strippers MC Barmen Art Directors Promoters Promo groups Labels Photographers Night clubs Strip clubs Gay clubs Booking Agencies DJ Schools Radio Club critics Clubbers

Movies industry: Actors Actresses Presenters Directors Writers Animators Operators Sound Directors Stuntmen Understudies Producers Clip makers Special effects Film studios Film schools Theatres Cinemas Film critics Website’s users

Fashion industry: Fashion Models Photo Models Couturiers Designers Stylists Make-up artists Manicure masters Photographers Photo studios Modeling agencies Advertising agencies Beauty studios Modeling studios Modeling schools Website’s users


In each of the categories is integrated interactive rating of the latest generation, which displays the true artists’ relevance and popularity. Multilevel protection from markups and transparency voting system make the rating unique in its kind.

At the end of each year are determined the best artists in each category.

The team of professionals from SHOWBIZA internet portal is working on improving the website and expanding of its features day and night. We work for you.

Stay with us – BE IN SHOW BUSINESS!