The rules created to discipline communication on the internet site. Regulations are binding for all site’s users.

1. Registration:

Registration on SHOWBIZA.COM is voluntary and free. Passage of the registration procedure is automatically signify your agreement to the site’s Rules. The user accepting the conditions that laid down in the Rules of the portal undertakes to comply with them or stop using the portal, in the case of disagreement with the Rules. The User acknowledges that he has legal competence and rights.

When you passing registration procedure it is forbidden to use names (logins), which may contain profanity (foul language). If the information provided by the user will be inadequate or incomplete, the site administration may refuse the user to register.

The User has no right to use the website for any illegal or unlawful purpose.

The portal user can register only in those categories, which correspond to his activities.

By registering on the portal, the user agrees that his username (nickname) can be used for publishing and posting information, for voting, for making and announcement of ratings and for other activities. Registered user with the same login (name) can vote and chat with other site’s users.

All information posted by users on the portal reflects the views only of those people, who have placed it. Portal does not share and does not support these opinions, and does not guarantee compliance of the placed materials with the legislation.

The portal does not scan and does not administrate the users’ materials.

All files and information posted on the site are considered as a property of the users who have placed them here until it is no reason to consider otherwise. 

Portal users do not receive rights to use the materials posted by other people. They are fully responsible to the owner of the materials for their unlawful misuse.

The portal administration has the right to remove any information or files without notice to you and without explain the reasons of it the user at any time. In particular, the information can be removed in the case of reasonable complaints about its placement from third parties. The User is obliged to fully indemnification to the site in the matter of any claims from third parties or in the case of the violation of any patent or copyright (intellectual property right) and when he trespass other proprietary or moral rights.

Portal is not responsible for neither legitimate nor illegal materials’ use (that were put on a site) by the third parties, including the materials’ reproduction and distribution, as implemented in the framework of the site, and by any other possible means. In addition, the portal is not responsible for any consequences of legal or illegal materials’ use. Website is also not responsible for the information sent over it by the users.

User obliges not to use the portal to download, store or distribute any materials that violate the law or the rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

The user is solely responsible to third parties for his actions related to placement or storage of materials on the web source. The user at his own expense agrees to settle all claims of the third parties related to the placement or storage of information on the portal.

User is solely responsible for the information placed on the resource as well as for all his actions.


2. Rating rules:

2.1. To participate in the rating, the user must be compulsory registered and authorized on SHOWBIZA.COM.

2.2. One user profile can participate in only one of the ratings (the further profile’s change or deletion occurs only in agreement with the site’s Administration).

2.3. The voting is open to all users registered on SHOWBIZA.COM. To participate in the ranking you need to apply. Each user can give any number of votes, but not more than once for one participant, including himself. Voting is voluntary and free.

2.4. Voting takes place from 23 January to 30 December this year.

3. Restrictions and prohibitions:

3.1. Share votes by appointment;

3.2. Place objects (information) containing pornographic materials;

3.3. Open public access to information, which was closed by its right holder, moderator or administrators of the web source;

3.4. Use the portal for the dissemination of materials that violate laws, infringe upon anyone's intellectual property rights;

3.5. Distribute viruses or any other products containing malicious code;

3.6. Use programs that create a high load on the resource, and those that could harm it or cause either technical or software failures, or which disrupt the normal functioning of the resource by any other means.

3.7. Spam in private messages or on the wall of SHOWBIZ.COM users;

3.8. Requests and entreaties to vote “support me ...”, “vote ...”, “I hope for reciprocity ...”, “expect reciprocity from you...” etc.

3.9. Annoying of high-level artists.

3.10. Cheat votes: Creating unreal pages to cheat rating.

3.11. Portal prohibits resource’s materials and links publication on sites that contain illegal files or encourage for illegal or obscene acts, including: gambling, illegal arms sales, advertising and publishing materials that may violate any laws.

3.12. Administration may delete information:

3.12.1. Containing agitation or propaganda.

3.12.2. Inciting ethnic or religious hatred, or offending the national dignity.

3.12.3. That encourage people to the violence’s advocating;

3.12.4. Containing the threat of reprisals;

3.12.5. Having any direct or indirect statements that offend the government or its sovereignty, its authority and state symbols;

3.12.6. Description that does not match the content.

3.12.7. Any other information defined it as not legitimate.

3.13. Intentionally distribute viruses, “worms”, “Trojan horses”, malicious and corrupted files, “Hoaxes” or other items of a destructive or deceptive nature, as well as other injurious or fraudulent programs. It is forbidden to distribute the products (including software) infringes the intellectual property rights or the current legislation; try to harm the functioning of the portal and of the server as a whole. It is also forbidden to use the portal SHOWBIZA. COM for violations of the other people’s legal rights (such as rights of privacy or publicity rights); to disturb other users of SHOWBIZA. COM to use our services; to sell, put up for auction, resell or use any information from the portal of any other way.

In the case of violation of the rules, the administration may warn you, suspend or terminate your account.

3.14. Repeated placement of the same material.

3.15. Posting photos, copied or containing copyright, logo or address of other sites as your own avatar.

3.16. To put promotional materials, calling on use them or other goods and services.

3.17. Post pictures or comments that violate the laws, and violate generally accepted standards of morality and ethics, including such: containing insults, profanity, containing scenes of violence or incitement to violence, provoking ethnic or sectarian strife; discriminating people based on race, gender or other characteristics.

3.18. Use a proxy server of the user’s residence country.

3.19. Activate the user’s page on unused telephone number.

Decision on compliance with these requirements takes Moderator or Administrator in his sole discretion. Their powers include the ability to block, move, close or delete information, objects, and users’ pages.

The administration reserves the right:

- Take points back in the case of violation of the rules;

- Close access to the web resource for users who: use profanity and offend other portal’s visitors;

- Lock and delete users’ information if it does not correspond to the requirements and topics of the portal;

- Disable (delete) users who violate discipline and rules;

- Modify site’s Rules or any terms of the portal.

* P.S. Dear users of the portal do not try to compensate the shortcomings of your work by cheating votes. Take in rating as the actual evaluation of your creativity level.

4. Paid services

SHOWBIZA.COM portal provides the next types of paid services to all registered users (except of “clubbers” and “users” categories):

a) connection to the GOLD-account service (increasing of quota and the ability to change the page view for users of the site);

b) account advertising;

c) music advertising on the main portal’s page;

g) event announcement ( event advertising on the home page);

d) user’s press release, photo album or video placing in the relevant sections of the website (on the main page)

All services are automatically connected after payment.

SHOWBIZA.COM administration has the right to remove advertising if:

- Information given in the application is obviously untrue;

- Text or image (picture) added to advertising violate generally accepted standards of morality and ethics (profanity) or the laws of Ukraine;

- Personal page is not completed (with advertising account service).

Fee for given services is made for user’s information processing by Administration from SHOWBIZA.COM.

By submitting a bid, the User agrees that in the case of Administration refusal to perform certain service (according to the Rules), service fee is not refundable.

5. User’s Responsibility

User warrants that placed by him within the resource materials:

- Do not contain any information which dissemination is prohibited or restricted in accordance with the laws of the user’s residence country.

- Do not violate the intellectual property rights of third parties;

- In terms of content correspond to social, moral and ethical principles (do not contain messages that offend human dignity, advocating violence, racial or ethnic hatred etc.);

- Do not contain viruses or any other products containing malicious code.

6. Portal’s rules Violation

The Rules Violation is considered: ranking cheat, spam, placement on the resource of any materials that fall under the certain categories. These categories are the following: harm to minors in any form, including child pornography; use of informational materials that violate the rights of third parties under any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright rights or other proprietary rights; and any materials that contain pornography (including the participation of animals), violence, and other materials like already listed.

7. Administration Responsibility

Administration does not guarantee resource’s compliance with objectives and expectations of its Users. It does not guarantee portal’s uninterrupted and error-free functioning, as well as the safety of the user profile and materials (files) placed by him on the site. Resource does not check and review materials (files) posted on it. The portal are not responsible for materials’ content and their compliance with the law; the resource is also not responsible for the safety of materials’ use. Placing, downloading, viewing, and use of materials (including the transition across the incoming to the materials links on other Internet resources) the user do with his own risk. Resource will not reimburse any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the User or third parties arising from the use or inability to use the materials posted on the web source or from the source’s use as a whole.

Resource reserves the right, without previous notice, to remove any information (files) from the site or temporarily restrict an access to them. In the case of user’s violation of the Terms of certain Regulation or requirements of the legislation, the Administration reserves the right to terminate User's account in whole or in partly. The administration reserves the right to modify the Rules without notice to Users. Administration is not responsible for any failure to make full use of the portal’s functions.

8. Security

In the matter of a security breach related to the Services, including, without limitation, any unauthorized use of your password or account, you must immediately notify the administration of SHOWBIZA.COM.

Contact information that you provide is confidential. It will be used only by SHOWBIZA.COM portal and will not be shared with other companies.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse from responsibility!