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Raffe Bergwall is a DJ and producer from Helsingborg, Sweden. He released a couple of tracks in his own name, written and produced a whole lot for other artists and remixed more tracks that he can count; both official and bootlegs. And he just love to do Mash-Ups, Megamixes and Mixtapes.

Legendary DMC  (Disco Mix Club) in England, releases most of Raffe Bergwall’s Mash-Ups and Megamixes to DJ’s all over the world on Download and CD. He’s been doing remixing for Universal Music Sweden and other smaller labels. Listen to them here »

Keep updated to all his new competitions mixes on his Mixcloud-page here »

To play the greatest club music around and make the crowd dance to Raffe Bergwall’s mixes is his drug. It’s as simple as that. His speciality is to play remixes, bootlegs and mash-ups that the crowd haven’t heard (but they know the originals) and blend in acapellas in the mix for short live mash-ups.

Raffe Bergwall’s biggest dream right now, is to play outside of Sweden. So if you book gigs, are a club owner or know somebody who is/does – let them know about Raffe Bergwall – A hard working DJ, producer and remixer.

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