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Benga is a British person from Croydon, known for being one of the pioneers of dubstep record production. As a teenager he used to hang out at the Big Apple record shop in Croydon and make his own tunes at home on PlayStation. The tunes caught the attention of dubstep producer Hatcha, who worked at the shop, and by the age of 15 Benga had made his first record, "Skank", released on Big Apple's own record label. He was also one of the first dubstep producers when the style was emerging in the early 2000s. He has been featured on a variety of compilations including Mary Anne Hobbs's Warrior Dubz, Tempa's The Roots of Dubstep and the BBC Radio 1Xtraanniversary mix. Benga was also noted for using acoustic drums on some songs, including "Live Drums" and "Evolution", and he also used vocoded vocals in "High Speed".


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