The first time world knew about the "Sunstroke Project" was when their first single "No Crime" was released. The band participated with it in the preselection of Eurovision in Moldova. The team received their first fans very quickly. The popularity of "Sunstroke Project" was growing. Soon they released such singles as: "In your eyes", "Rain", "Summer", which are very popular. The group took place between many famous collectives.

So what was before that? In the beginning Anton Ragoza and Sergey Stepanov were making their own compositions only for two instruments (Anton Ragoza – composer, violinist; Sergey Stepanov – saxophonist, co-author). In 2007, being in the service of the military orchestra, they united in a duet called "Sunstroke". They tried to do remixes of popular songs, imposing live instruments on them. This duet have conquered the public's hearts.

Next step to the fame was "Evolution Party". "Sunstroke" participated in it with such famous stars as: Lexter, Michell Shellers, Fragma, Yves La Rock.

In 2008, was accepted the decision of connecting the symbiosis of two instruments with the vocal, on the equal terms. That's how the group met new member – Pasha Parfeny. In November of 2008, "Sunstroke Project" became the ambassadors of the festival "Dance 4 life", made by the famous star of trance music – DJ Tiesto.

In July of 2009, they officially release "In your eyes" and "Summer". The producer of these tracks was Alex Brashovean, who was earlier working with "O-Zone". Tracks were straight getting in the hot rotation on all radios of Moldova. Their first tour on the cities Romania, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Russia have started. Also they made remixes on Axwell, Yves La Rock, and other famous artists.

In the end of July of 2009, Pasha's contract have ended, so he decided to start his solo career, and he left the group. The casting on the post of new vocalist have been declared. Between many of them, Sergey Ialovitsky was chosen. Almost immediately they've made the new version of "In your eyes".

In the end of 2009, "Sunstroke Project" decided to try their luck again, on the Eurovision. With Olia Tira they've released their new track named "Run Away", which won the selection in Moldova, causing the start of new chapter in history of "Sunstroke Project" – The Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

In 2011, YouTube caught a new virus, called EPIC SAX GUY! A 10-hour video, of the saxophonist playing his solo got 11 000000 views. Fans made thousands of remixes and parodies, making Epic Sax even more popular. Also in 2011 "Sunstroke Project" concluded a contract with "Lavina Digital", after what, giving over 200 concerts throughout many countries in Europe. In 2012 "Sunstroke Project" are planning to release their first album, and to film a clip on the single "Play with me".Summer 2012, Sunstroke project are winning a gold medal on the WCOPA, LA. They became the best instrumental-vocal project of the world. In the end of 2012 «Walking in the rain» and «Epic Sax» songs have got in the first chart places of the largest radiostations in Russia – DFM, and Radio Record. Sunstroke project's tracks have been used on the various TV shows in Russia. Today, Sunstroke project are having many tours in CIS and Europe. In the beginning of 2014 Sunstroke project have surprised their public with their new work – «Amor». This song is a little bit different from those from before, but as the musicians themselves say: «We are always trying to experiment, and to surprise our fans with something new.»

The band is preparing to release several new singles with Russian and Romanian superstars, so soon the world will get a lot of fresh and new Sunstroke project's creative work.





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