TOP rating of Folk / Opera musical bands, country: United States

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Tomato Jaws #1

Tomato Jaws

Ukraine, Kyiv
Popularity: 116
MyImaginaryFriends (M.I.F.) #2

MyImaginaryFriends (M.I.F.)

Ukraine, Kyiv
Popularity: 84.6
Escenda #3


Russia, Krasnodar
Popularity: 17.9
Legalnyi Bit #4

Legalnyi Bit

Ukraine, Mykolayiv
Popularity: 14.2
Angazhement na vtornik #5

Angazhement na vtornik

Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk
Popularity: 8.9
Vilona skripichnyi duet

#6 — Vilona skripichnyi duet

Russia, Magnitogorsk
Popularity: 3.8
VIA Retro-Sbornaia SSSR

#7 — VIA Retro-Sbornaia SSSR

Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Popularity: 3.3
Afrikanskoe shou barabanshchikov SHOW TIME AFRICA

#8 — Afrikanskoe shou barabanshchikov SHOW TIME AFRICA

Russia, Moskva
Popularity: 3.2

#9 — SHRI-Lanka

Popularity: 0