Electronic, club music

Club music takes up a big part in the world musical culture. It radiates energy, excite, surprises with its versatility and variety; it can cause euphoria and even ecstasy. In our time, club music has gathered a lot of loyal fans and fierce opponents. This is, without doubt, a distinctive imprint of nightlife in bustling cities and small towns.

Popular club music as well is one of the major categories on SHOWBIZA.COM/US portal. Here are collected and actively updated tracks of all American DJs – from the most famous and ambitious, to beginners, but talented representatives of club music in the style of Progressive, Trance, Jungle, Drum and Bass, House, Electro, Acid, Dub, Minimal, Techno, Lounge, Downtempo, Vocal Trance, Chillout, Club, House and many others. Each user can download any track he liked.

The portal SHOWBIZA.COM/US gives the choice of tracks in three categories: Week’s TOP, month’s TOP (by number of users’ downloads) and new music. The website proposes songs view by each DJ. Thus, you can easily increase the number of your fans, share creativity with DJs like you and promote yourself as a professional artist.