DJ Crystal Girl (Юлиана Попович) Юлиана Попович

DJ House -1.4




DJ Crystal Girl is the representative a new generation of Ukrainian DJs. With her appearing as a DJ (2017) in Rivne, children's discos were introduced. The youngest DJ of Ukraine DJ Crystal Girl is the famous DJ in the Rivne city, who is a music record holder and registered in the National Register of Records of Ukraine (2018). She writes her own electronic music, successfully conducts DJ sets in Ukraine, plays professionally at festivals, large-scale events, discos, charity events, television and radio. Among the cities where she had a chance to visit there were: Kiev, Lviv, Rivne. She also visit Egypt and worthy represented the city Rivne and Ukraine with their DJ sets (pool party, foam party, color festival, disco). Her author's track, ukrdeephouse Muzyka, was featured at Show Time - Karaoke in the sunny Hurghada and got a lot of applause and positive emotions from people from different parts of world. Not only children love her music but also adults! She vibrates on various events! Crystal Girl is a decoration and a highlight of various performances. DJ Crystal Girl is one of the first and brightest figures of the new generation of Ukrainian DJs, considered to be the most talented and officially the youngest DJ in Ukraine. In the collection of talented musician more than 15 composition (songs,tracks): including pianomusic, ukrdeephouse, progressivehouse, techno, ambient, edm, etc. She is not only young, talented and advanced DJ, but also a pianomusician, young composer of classical pianomusic and she also has vocal abilities. Kind-hearted, sincere and extremely positive child who loves what she does. She love music and gives it to everyone! She who is able to combine different musical styles, successfully operates during her sets and performances, thanks to her many-sided nature she copes easely with her activity. She showed good skills on the big stage of the TV show "Kruche vseh" (studio O. Dovzhenko), it was there where she made an impossible thing to mix the diphouse and the song of artist O. Vinnyk. In 2018, she was registered a trademark of DJ Crystal Girl TM . During 2018 I she participated in TV programs, live radio broadcasts, among them UA Rivne "Dobryi ranok", TV chahhel 1 + 1, Inter tv channel ("Kruche vseh", "Ranok z Interom"), Kiss FM, Radio Track 106.4 FM , UA: Ukrainian radio Rivne, Sphera TV (program of the Ukrainian cultural fund ART RV), Rivne 1 tv. In February 2018, the music mix by DJ Crystal Girl was broadcast live on KISS FM The Best Dance Radio. In July 2018, her author's single ukrdeephouse Muzyka got in rotation on the radio station Radio Track 106.4 FM and was a broadcast online. In November 2018, the first clip DJ Crystal Girl “Muzyka” was released, as well as 5 copyright tracks (Muzyka, Vilna, Water Shine, Sunny Egypt, Robotic Extended Mix) were rotated to UA: Ukrainian radio Rivne. The youngest DJ of Ukraine was pleasantly surprised by the UA Music Encyclopedia with its creativity. Now her tracks are placed on their sites. In March 2018, DJ Crystal Girl was awarded by the AWARDS child of the year, a project devoted to those who daily makes ten percent more than a hundred - as an Olympic champion - a maximum and little more - totaly 110%. The project is the result of great faith and everyday effective action. The project is inspired by Artmodels LifeStyleMagazine readers. For writing electronic music, DJ works in Logic Pro X, Ableton, Fl studio using novation launchkey mk 25. In September 2018 her portraits fell into the new album “One Hundred Billion Sparks” by Max Cooper. In December 2018, the 6th track “Trap Sound” by Crystal Girl was relesed. She presented it on December 25 at the birthday of her idol Armin Van Buuren. In 2018, the release of The 1st Album of Electronic Music «In The BPM Rhythm». From 25 December, 2018, Trap Sound track rotation was better for radio without the RSRL Radio online ad. On December 29, 2018 there proposal from the administration of RSRL Radio to include the Trap Sound as a "hot novelty" on the New Year's Top 25 Radio RSRL - the results of the year. Crystal Girl is a very friendly personality, easily communicating and she goins an experience from top djs of Ukraine and the world (the Netherlands, India, Israel, France, Mexico, Egypt, etc.). Music styles: House, Deep House, Ukrdeephouse, Progressive House, Electro House, Techno, EDM, Trance. On request, other styles.


Armin Van Buuren

Armin Van Buuren

Нидерланды, Амстердам
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