Coldplay hid lyrics from the new album’s songs in libraries

Coldplay decided to play the game with their fans. The texts of all nine songs from future CD "Ghost Stories" can be found in libraries around the world. About cities names and even countries are not reported.

It is known, that all the texts were written personally by frontman Chris Martin. The group offers fans to share findings through "Twitter".

In addition, together with one of the sheets of a song’s text the lucky man will find "golden ticket", and then he is able to visit Coldplay concert in London on July 1 in the legendary concert hall Albert Hall. Plane tickets will also be included in the proposal.

Album "Ghost Stories" will appear in music stores on May 19. Just a few hours ago, e network appeared a passage of a new single "A Sky Full of Stars".

Composition itself will go on sale on "iTunes" the week before the release of the plate.


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