It is not a secret that the real popularity and recognition from the public can be gained by diligent work and dedication. Creativity and activity – are the two main keys to be successful. These criteria guided us in creating a new determination system of the users’ popularity in each of the portal’s categories.

Only creativity and activity! That is why the team of skilled developers from the main show business portal SHOWBIZA.COM directed all their efforts on the creation of a unique formula to determine popularity of all web source’s users.

When forming the popularity of each user will be considered a number of factors, for example – the number of music downloads and plays (for musicians), “Likes” (positive assessment / “I like”), unique page visits, the number of fans.

Moreover, now each user has the “power”, depending on the quality of filling his account and on the term of being online on the portal. For example, support from the active site’s “resident”, who have filled account, will increase your popularity is much more than “likes” of the newly created users.

Popularity rating on SHOWBIZA.COM is calculated by a unique formula, which is based on six factors. Regular access to them will help you safely reach the position, which you deserve:

1. Your page’s visiting: the more people are interested in you, so of course, the higher is your popularity!

- For user's page transitions from other portal pages (to avoid spam, transitions to a page from personal messages or from the wall do not counted)

- For page’s unique visitors (people who clicked on your page from another site through a direct link). Note: your popularity increase is much higher from unique visitors than from portal’s pages transitions.

2. While staying online. You get an additional increase of popularity for promoting your creativity on the web site!

3. For listening to your songs.

4. For downloading your songs.

5. “Likes” (positive assessment / “I like”) for tracks, photos, comments on the forum, blog news and videos.

6. Number of fans (not to be confused with friends!). It must be clear, of course – the more fans you have, the more popular is your creativity.

In addition, for users who still cannot do without the active spam, a fair punishment is appeared: the author of elemental and useless spam messages will receive minus in his rating!

All popularity changes occurs every 4 hours.

Attention! The site’s administration reserves the right to change the formula for the calculation and votes’ accrual in the case of any discrepancies or deficiencies. And remember: popularity rating on SHOWBIZA.COM portal is not positioned as the only true and completely accurate. The main web site’s objective – to enable show business figures expand the boundaries of their capabilities, promote their creativity, make the necessary acquaintances, post information about themselves, upload  their own music, photo galleries, videos, participate in an interactive rating, create and use advertising companies with the perfectly matched target audience.

About all detected discrepancies and possible errors in the rating’s construction report the technical support service.