A P Ɐ C H E Maxim Dubinin

Dubstep DJ 2.6

Biography A P Ɐ C H E

▼ APⱯCHE -Is a talented Musician, DJ, Sound Producer [DUBSTEP & TRAP & BASS MUSIC] Real name Maxim Dubinin. He was born 20 of April 1986 (Ukraine).From a very early age attracted by the music. Created a project DEP™ in 2010, we worked jointly with the project SHARXPOWA™ -Speaking at the Ukraine concert tours project DEP™ is in 2013 the 3rd place in Ukraine. -In addition to these projects APⱯCHE engaged in a solo career, DJ, speaking tours of Europe. -In 2010, he first comes to China with a 3-month tour. -In 2014 APⱯCHE finally decided to move to China and pursue a solo career as a musician, sound producer, DJ [DUBSTEP & TRAP & BASS MUSIC ] -Genres of music with which he works for his own inimitable sound creatives Dubstep, Hybrid Trap, Hybrid, Riddim, Future Bass ▼ BⱯCK2BⱯCK™ -The 2015 year has been very productive for BⱯCK2BⱯCK™|APⱯCHE x RⱯDA. They spent their performances in such countries as Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea. Have more big party job like "Loft Asia Brand”, “Asia Ship" -Work in a big city like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and many other cities. In 2017, APⱯCHE began to record 3 Studio Albums "WTF ASIA?!", "NO TRAP NIGGA". BⱯCK2BⱯCK™| APⱯCHE x RⱯDA have toured with new strength and energy in Asia with their performances. -Now in 2018, APⱯCHE and RⱯDA began to record Studio Album "COME BACK" [EP] Follow and support!